DSB * An American Journey

DSB has been highly revered as the “next best thing” to Journey.  They have captured the lush, signature sound of renowned vocalist Steve Perry and Journey in their prime.  Complete with a band of world-class Los Angeles musicians, DSB remains true to Journey’s musical legacy and delivers the nostalgic concert experience that will keep you Believin’!


Did you know the musicians in DSB are on National Television as the band on CMT’s The Singing Bee? Scotty plays the drums barefoot? Roger is Superman’s brother? Henry was an actor in the final episode of the Sopranos which revived Journey’s anthem Don’t Stop Believin’?  Click on the links below to learn more about the members of DSB.











    • Lola says:

      Love, just love this Journey tribute band! I am here in Big Bear tonight, and two members Juan Del Castillo and Scotty were here at Chad’s Place. Looking forward to see them tomorrow, real nice and genuine guys, nice like me. Told the story to Juan about how I met Steve Perry at Dodger stadium and had a conversation with Steve Perry of Journey he was also very nice!!! Love me some Steve Perry and DSB band.

    • abigail says:

      These guys truly made my whole year tonight.
      They are so down to earth and for them to come all the way to the little town for ludington, Michigan to play for us small towners is the greatest experience ever.
      Getting to meet them one on one and getting to share my father’s (Sean vida) story with them was the most uplifting.
      I love you guys and I can’t wait for your return.
      Rock on fellas see you next year.

    • Molly says:

      LOVE LOVE LOVE these guys!! Saw them last year here in Visalia…little did I know what an amazing evening it would turn out to be! Talked to Juan and Roger after they played, not to mention BIG hugs! Found out they won’t be coming anytime soon to Visalia, but I hope they could come to either Tachi, the Indian Casino, or to Fresno…either way, I’m showing up with my ‘VISALIA’ placard with an arrow pointing down! BIG fan, guys, HUGE!! Keep on rockin’!!

    • Lola C. says:

      I have been following this band for several years and they sound better each year. Really enjoyed seeing the band last night in Chino. These guys are not only talented, they are very kind and considerate. Thank you for playing “When you love a woman”! See you at the Tustin Golf Club on 8/21/14!

    • Edward and Beverly says:

      You guys rocked your first cruise on Royal Caribbean! The first show was fun, then word got around fast. Standing room (dancing) only on show two! We loved our front row with glow sticks waving and Beverly will cherish her drum sticks, thank you Scotty! Hope to see you in Dayton (Nutter Center or Hara Arena or even a couple of new large venues nearby in Kettering or Huber Heights) or maybe on another cruise. Stay fun, stay crazy and stay safe!

    • Trey says:

      Had the pleasure of driving these guys to a gig in the Memphis area. I’m old school Journey fan and these guys tore it up. They nailed it and a class act. Good luck and keep rockin it. Trey

    • jabee says:

      Why is the band called DSB? Can’t wait to see them!

      • admin says:

        D on’t
        S top
        B elievin!

    • Kathleen Boesse says:

      Awesome show at Canobie lake Park, Rocktober FEST,

    • Dee Dee says:

      Just saw the performance on Home and Family….AWESOME!!! Brought back a lot of memories! Wonderful vocals!!!! I have to learn more about you guys!!!

    • L A Thompson says:

      I disagree, these guys are not the #1 Journey cover band in the world. They are the ONLY Journey cover band in the world. They are that fricken good, saw them in Vegas, blew me away, simply unbelievable. I cant wait to see them in a better venue than Texas Station whose sound system is far from the best. This is an amazing group of musicians and entertainers, if you haven’t seen them, then you don’t know what you are missing!

    • Jen says:

      Saw you guys on Quantum of the Seas… Fell in love!
      What an amazing band. I swore I was at a Journey concert back when……

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